Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How can I get skyrim patches and updates without Steam?

Is there a way to download Skyrim updates without Steam to Skyrim on my PC?How can I get skyrim patches and updates without Steam?
Yep. Skidrow and Razor have put together a menagerie of installers, patches and bug fixes.

The main game:

The 4th update: Its cumulative you only need this one

As much as I love Bethesda, I'm holding off on buying the game until some MAJOR bug fixes are made, even though it gets updated, I want to wait until there's a stable release so I don't need to update all the mods and such I got for the last edition, so even though this black copy isn't fully up to date, most of everything will run on it.

If you have a steam account add me and send me a comment or message me if I'm online

I do not check Yahoo mail so sending me a PM would be pointless, I can be reached for further help however through my youtube channel if you need something else and don't want to use Steam for what ever reason鈥?/a>

Have fun

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