Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why does skyrim keep crashing to the desktop?

I'll be playing skyrim for an hour or so and then it will just crash to the desktop with no error or anything. Why is it doing this? I tried the sound fix to 44.1khz but that hasn't helped. Does anyone have any suggestions to why this is happening or how to fix it?Why does skyrim keep crashing to the desktop?
This seems to be a problem with the game across all platforms. I've got it on PS3 and fixed my freeze/crash issues by turning off the autosave options, so you might want to try that. You'll need to manually save your game more often, but its worth it to not have Skyrim crash in the middle of a really good battle.
u need to get new copy of the game, same happend to me, i bought the game play for some time and then crash to desktop ive spent week trying to fix it, then i dowmloaded this pirateed version and magicly works with no problems, i was so angry ive call them and explain the problem they dont have answer. see bellowWhy does skyrim keep crashing to the desktop?
This happened to me a few times, before you start playing, make sure nothing will pop up as my anti virus thing woulp pop up and it would leave skyrim and go to the desktop and you couldn't go back so when it crashes, see if there is anything that is open...

Hope I helped
It's heating issues. I'm also having the same issue. Try buying a desktop cooler or put an air vent that's large enough near your dektop. That's just what I did.Why does skyrim keep crashing to the desktop?
Could be heating issue. Check your PC has adequate cooling system

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