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Who is the best person to marry in Skyrim?

On Skyrim, I would like to marry someone but am unsure who. I want to marry someone who has a big house, or lots of valuable possessions. Please can you tell me who is the best person and if I need to do a quest to marry them specifically.Who is the best person to marry in Skyrim?
You don't have to find anyone with a lot of money and a big house. You will be surprised who much money you make in this game in the later levels from looting on its own. You can marry anyone then later on buy yourself a huge mansion or house if you want and she will move in if you ask her to.
I'll just give you a quick run-down of the various bonuses you get from marriage in skyrim, and then tell you why the spouse i chose is the best (in my opinion). From what i've gathered every person you marry in skyrim will generate you 100 gold a day by opening a shop. You can let the gold accumulate over time. Opening this "shop" makes your spouse a trader, so you have a shop in your house basically. Many spouses are also warriors who can be ordered to follow you, so they are both followers and money makers. This would be the ideal wife/husband. If you want to go a step further than that then "Aela The Huntress" is your best bet. She is a trader, follower, and you can get an infinite number of side quests from her to make money, as she is one of the leaders of the "companions" faction. Aela can be married by completing the companions questline.Who is the best person to marry in Skyrim?
I've narrowed it down by appearance to Ysolda, Camilla, Muiri, or Aela. To marry any of them, you need to do their required quest or questline. Ysolda wants a mammoth tusk, Camilla wants the golden claw returned, Aela wants the Companions quest line completed, and Muiri wants you to do a couple assassinations (part of Dark brotherhood questline). All of these but Aela can benefit you financially.
Personal i would marry alea the huntress form the companions in whiterun

she is a master archery person with one handed and shields as a back up which is good if your looking for a companion(most just run in and kill them self's)

One of the most uniqe thing i like about her is that she opens up a store and give you 100 gold every 24 hours

this is my personal opinion and there are more out there to discover and findWho is the best person to marry in Skyrim?
Camilla something (Valetius?) in Riverwood is the best, saying as you get access to the Riverwood shop, and you can marry her almost straight away, is ur doing the main quest, saying as she wants the golden claw u find when u need to go find the dragonstone and get ur first dragonshout.
Check this site for information:
Aela the Huntress in the companions in whiterun
Aela the Huntress
The one with the most money
I married Aela the Huntress, but now I want her dead. So my advice as it would be, is not to get married!
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