Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can you upgrade your leather armour to legendary in Skyrim?

I got Skyrim last week and have been playing a lot of it. I am using leather armour (fine) and was wondering if you could upgrade it further. So I searched it on google and I found out that armour and weapons could be upgraded to a legendary level but I don't have that option with my leather armour. Can leather armour be upgraded further or is the legendary upgrade for higher tier armour only?Can you upgrade your leather armour to legendary in Skyrim?
No, even if you get the Smithing skill up to 100 you can only make leather armour 'Flawless'. That's as high as any armour or weapon will go without the smithing perk for that class. If you have the perk you can improve that class of armor much sooner.

For example i'm using steel armor, without the 'Steel Smithing' perk i can only improve my Steel Armor and weapons to a certain point.

If my smithing skill is 30 or under i can only make it 'Fine'

If my smithing skill is between 31-64 i can make it 'Superior'

65-99 'Exquisite'

100 'Flawless''

But if I do have the Steel Smithing Perk then it's like this.

20 or below 'Fine'

21-40 'Superior'

41-60 'Exquisite'

61-80 'Epic'

81-100 'Legendary'

The point is, as there is no perk for Leather smithing, you can't get it higher than Flawless. I'd recommend the Advanced Armour Perk. It will let you craft Scaled Armor. it is as light as Leather Armour but stronger than Steel Armor.
You can indeed upgrade your leathers to legendary. Enchant fortify smithing onto several items and boost the skill to around 200%. Potions will also help. If you can do this you probably do not need any of the smithing perks.put them into enchanting instead.

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Can you upgrade your leather armour to legendary in Skyrim?
u can actually by using items with a smithing perk on them.. of course u need an extra 100 percent to get to legendary for leather i have managed to buy armor from vendors adding up to about 60 percent so far im still working on getting there because i use linwe's armor and gave my wife full dragon

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also too u can upgrade past legendary...its still called legendary but its better thn normal legendary

my bow is at the third lvl of legendary i got legendary off my bow from my 100 smithing then with enchantments on my smith armor i got to upgrade it twice more

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Can you upgrade your leather armour to legendary in Skyrim?
by smithing my daedra bow up its dmg is at 110 with my archery at 70 and my lvl only 27 of course this is also with linwes armor which helps with ur bow dmg as well

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i think you can but you will have to upgrade that side of the blacksmithing chain further. but not 100% sure

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