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Skyrim: what is the best race to choose to specialize in conjuration and destruction magic?

Skyrim: what is the best race to choose to specialize in conjuration and destruction magic?

i already started an orc character for melee combat. i wanna try a magic character now. which race should i choose?Skyrim: what is the best race to choose to specialize in conjuration and destruction magic?
While High Elves get a nice bonus to Magicka, there are plenty of items available in game to boost your magica (apparel that gives sustained boosts, not just temporary potions) so that the 50 point boost to magica is good but not necessary. Also, the difference between races for the destruction skill is very small... 15 vs 20 or 25. If you use destruction primarily, it will raise up very quickly.

The most important thing to remember as a mage is wear mage robes! They boost your magica and regen, reduce the cost of spells, and work with some perks for extra boosts.
High Elves (Altmer) have the best overall magic specialization. They also start with a higher magicka stat, and have a special magicka regeneration power:

+50 Magicka.

Highborn: Once per day, tenfold magicka regeneration for 60 seconds.

Altmer start with the spell Fury.

+10 Illusion

+5 Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Restoration

Breton and dark elves (dunmer) have the next best specialization in conjuration and destruction magic. Take a look at the Skyrim wiki: what is the best race to choose to specialize in conjuration and destruction magic?
If you go with a high elf and do purely magic its going to make some parts of the game extremely difficult. For instance during the last part of the college of winterhold quest series you are asked to obtain the staff of magnus. The boss who drops this staff is almost immune to magic attacks. I would try to also have some sort of combat weapon.
Bretons get +10 Conjuration. Dark Elves get+10 Destruction. High Elves get +5 destruction and Conjuration. A high elf would be the best but you have to consider the other atributes such as Bretons resistance to magic, High Elves weakness to magic and their increased magicaSkyrim: what is the best race to choose to specialize in conjuration and destruction magic?
High Elf

You start with bonus to destruction skill and to all schools of magic

you have more magica ( i think extra 50)

you have a power that regenerates magicka
dont know why you wouldnt try out an argonian assassin...theyre really badass like this for example;v=5Wh3鈥?/a> but if i were to tell you what would be good i would say either dark elf or high elf...Dark Elves are necromancers and High Elves get extra magika...Or you could do a breton...theyre good with magic also
The High Elves are what your after:

10+ illusion

5+ Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Restoration
I created a Dark Elf. They excel in destruction magic, but i don't think much else. I plan to use him as a melee/destruction magic fighter. So if you wanted to go purely magical, i'd choose a high elf.
Personally, I started the game off with a high elf and plan to be a mage, but a Breton may also be good for what you want.
Go with The breton or Drk elf, you can make up for the extra magik points later and you cant make up for the weakness to magic unless you have things that will protect against it, so yea! good luck the game is amazing!!
The high elf is the obvious choice. as they have 50 more magic and it recovers 50% faster. However all the elves are good with magic
High Elves, Dumer and Breton are good choices. Here's a list of race abilities:
I like the breton myself. The magic resistance and power which allows you to absorb spells thrown at you are great. Destruction starts at like lvl 15 but thats one of the easiest magic skills to level (imo).
High elves have a bonus in all magic, but i would play as a dark elf and combine stealth with magic that way you dont have to do three playthroughs
i belive the dark elfs are good it tell you what they are good at on the main character sleaction screen, it's one of the elf... good lluck p.s it's an awsome game
High Elf or Breton. High Elf gets more magical bonuses, but Breton is more resistant to magic and I think they have a couple of bonuses too, also, they look more normal.
I recommend Breton because they have a good resistance to magic when High Elves have really **** magic defense.

high elves can get annoying when they run out of magica but if u have heaps of restore magica potions u should be fine.
Breton. High elf.
Elves. High, Dark or Wood.
Dark or High elf
Dark Elf.. to be the god of fire.. there frickin sweet
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